English | Teaching Creative Writing
W554 | 16755 | Stanton

W554  16755 STANTON	
Teaching Creative Writing

3:35p – 6:35p M


This course is a practical study of the teaching of poetry and
fiction writing, and will focus on teaching methods and exercises
suitable for beginning and intermediate university creative writing
classes.   We will discuss the assumptions that underlie the
creative writing workshop, look at some exercises for beginning
students, invent our own exercises, critique a couple of recent
creative writing handbooks, and do some practice teaching.  Students
will lead the discussion, give several short reports, review general
books about creative writing, visit other creative writing classes,
teach a lesson to the whole class and design a one-semester creative
writing course, which will include a syllabus, a set of exercises, a
grading policy, and a detailed rationale.

Required Texts:
The Practice of Poetry, ed. Robin Behn & Chase Twichell
Now Write: Fiction Exercise From Today’s Best Writers & Teachers ed.
Sherry Ellis
The Poetry Home Repair Manual Ted Kooser
Reading Like A Writer  Francine Prose