Folklore | Folklore Colloquy
F501 | 16834 | Bauman

This course is for majors only.

Course Description: This course introduces students to major points
of correspondence and convergence between folklore and
ethnomusicology. It is designed to engage students in a dialogue
that explores the grounds for integration of these lines of inquiry
based upon their conceptual frameworks, research methodologies,
theoretical perspectives, modes of professional engagement, and
intellectual histories.
Folklore and ethnomusicology are interdisciplinary
fields that both borrow from and contribute to a number of
disciplines with which they share common concerns and approaches. In
addition to works by ethnomusicologists and folklorists, the
syllabus includes readings drawn from anthropology, history,
linguistics, and musicology. The course is organized around concepts
and research methods central to our disciplines, enduring issues
that transcend historical shifts of scholarly emphasis.
Among the primary objectives of the course are to
understand the dimensions of key theoretical concepts and attendant
methods, examine their configuration within particular folklore and
ethnomusicological works, and explore their application and utility
in our own research.