Folklore | Pilgrimage & Music in the Middle East
F617 | 28052 | Stone

Pilgrims, from a variety of traditions, make sojourns to sacred
sites including Mecca, Jerusalem, and many other places in the
Middle East.  This course explores the complex of sonic practices
associated with these pilgrimages, ranging from performances at the
holy places to music that is imported into the area by the
travelers.  These practices draw from Islamic, Jewish, and Christian
religious traditions as well as from a variety of secular
traditions.  They are communicated in an ever proliferating range of
media—film, television, and radio, and computers.  Readings will be
drawn such texts as Dale Eickelman and James Piscatori, Muslim
Travellers: Pilgrimage, Migration, and the Religious Imagination, as
well as from a variety of articles on e-reserves.  Assignments will
include a research project, a reading journal, and two short