Folklore | Field Seminar in Cultural Documentation
F804 | 25825 | Carpenter

Meets with F404/E400/E600.  Students in this service-learning course
will be introduced to basic tools of cultural documentation utilized
by applied folklorists, anthropologists and others. They will
explore, document, and seek to understand the cultural expressions
of residents of Crestmont on Bloomingtonís west side, with the goal
of helping to define social action projects that improve the quality
of life across the lifespan of residents.

The 2007 class extends the on-going work (from 2004) of the
instructors with Crestmont residents, especially members of the
neighborhood Boys and Girls Club and the Crestmont Residentsí
Council. Primary texts for the course will include Luke E.
Lassiterís Chicago Field Guide to Collaborative Ethnography and The
Other Side of Middletown.

Through a variety of activities (including a community art project),
students will learn about and practice photo/video documentation,
interviewing, participant-observation, fieldnotes, transcription,
archiving, and analysis.  All students will sign up for weekly
volunteer shifts at the Boys and Girls Club in Crestmont or in
connection with their focus area. Weekly fieldnotes will be
required. The class will culminate in formal presentations to
community groups, reflection, and recommendations for subsequent
action. The class will require initiative, imagination, careful
scheduling, and dedication.