F300 | 16889 | MacPhail, Aiko

This course offers a general introduction in reading French through
literature and provides reading strategies in poetry, theater, and
fiction. We will start the semester with lyric poems from the Middle
Ages to the 20th century chosen from the Ansart Anthology, and each
student will present a brief exposé and compose a short essay. Then
we read the 17th-century play Andromaque by Jean Racine and
study the classic verse of alexandrin at length. Students will take
an essay exam on Racine after preparing the essay questions together
in class for our mid-term. During the last half of the semester, we
concentrate on the prose of the 19th century and read 6 to 7 short
stories by Guy de Maupassant and Prosper Mérimée from the anthology
provided as the course packet, and students will again present a
brief exposé in class and write a short essay. For our last
assignment, we read two short books, Colomba by Mérimée and
Chef d‘oeuvre inconnu by Honoré de Balzac. Again we will take
an essay exam in class on questions discussed in class meetings.
This last work stands for our final exam. The course grade wil be
based on two short oral presentations (10% x 2), two short essays
(10% x 2), the mid-term and the final essay tests (20 % x 2) and
active and continuous class participation which includes positive
participation in your classmates’ exposés (20%).