F300 | 16891 | Bray, Patrick Maxwell

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the analysis of
four different genres of French literature: the novel, the short
story, poetry, and the theater. We will begin by reading Jean-Paul
Sartre's play Huis Clos, an existential interpretation of
hell. We will then read the short stories "Le Chef-d'oeuvre inconnu"
and "Sarrasine" by Honoré Balzac, as well as Prosper Mérimée's "La
Vénus d'Ille"; all of which investigate the relationship of the
plastic arts to sexuality. A selection of poems from the Renaissance
to the twentieth century will explore the role of the muse in poetic
inspiration. Finally, we will read Albert Camus' novel
L'étranger. The course will be graded based on participation
(15%), an "explication de texte" of one poem chosen by the student
(25%), two exams, on the play and on the short stories (30%), and a
final five-page paper on the novel (30%). Taught in French.
Prerequisite is F250 or consent of department. F300 fulfills A & H