F514 | 27473 | Macphail, Eric

This course covers the lyric poetry of sixteenth-century France
through a chronological survey of genre. We will begin with the
formes fixes cultivated by the Rhétoriqueurs at the end of
the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth centuries. Then we
will read chansons by Clément Marot and Marguerite de
Navarre. Next we will study the épigramme (huitain /
dizain) with particular attention to the works of Maurice
Scève and Pernette Du Guillet. The second half of the course will be
devoted to the sonnet sequences of Joachim Du Bellay, Pierre de
Ronsard, Pontus de Tyard, Louise Labé and Agrippa d’Aubigné. The
course will include an historical review of French versification as
well as some documentation of the relationship between Pléiade
poetry and the origins of French literary history (Sebillet, Du
Bellay, Pasquier). Students will do an in-class presentation and a
fifteen to twenty page term paper on a topic chosen in consultation
with the professor. The readings will be available either at the
book store or online and many of the poetry collections will be on
reserve at the library.