M222 | 23531 | Chiaruttini, Riccardo

Topic: War in Italian Culture from Fascism to World War II.  This
course will focus on Italian films and literary works centered on
World War II era. Amongst others, we will study authors such as
Italo Calvino (The Path to the Nest of Spiders), Primo Levi
(Survival in Auschwitz), Dino Buzzati (The Tartar
Steppe), as well as directors like Roberto Rossellini (Open
City; Paisan) and Roberto Benigni (Life is
Beautiful). These books and films portray Italy from the rise to
the fall of Fascism at the end of World War II. These works witness,
in fact, the struggle the dictatorship caused to the Italian
society, and their autobiographical accounts are extremely
significant in highlighting important historical events. Additional
material for the course will be prepared by the instructor.

During the term, students will participate in class discussions,
they will write 3 shorts reviews or reaction papers (2-3 pp.), they
will give an oral presentation, and they will take a final exam. The
class will be conducted in English.