French and Italian | DANTE I
M501 | 27492 | Storey, Harry Wayne

The topic for this seminar will be textuality and materiality in the
Divine Comedy. Broadly defined for reasons of investigating
critical and textual traditions of the Comedy, “textuality”
determines not only how we read the work but also how the text
integrates other “texts”, some of them loosely defined as texts at
all (such as questions of chronicle and gossip), including Dante’s
other successful and failed projects (the Vita nova and the
Monarchia on the one hand and the Convivio and the
De vulgari eloquentia on the other). “Materiality”
constitutes not only the physical production and subsequent
circulation of the Comedy, but also questions of
representation of “reality” in imagined/dreamed places and Dante’s
use of the objects of his world. Readings and texts in Italian,
Latin, English, Old Occitan. Conducted in English. Primary text:
Commedia commentata da N. Sapegno (2004). (NB: Dante 2 will
not be offered in the 2007-2008 sequence.)