Germanic Languages | Elementary German for Graduate Students
G491 | 17085-17086 | Staff

This course enables students to acquire the basic passive knowledge of
German grammar and vocabulary necessary for translating and reading
graded texts.  No prior knowledge of German is assumed.  The class is
conducted entirely in English; listening, speaking, and writing skills
are not developed, although some attention is given to pronunciation.

Any graduate student may enroll in G491.  Please note that neither
G491 nor G492 carries graduate credit (towards graduate degree
requirements) in the University Graduate School, although
mostdepartments accept G491 enrollment as part of a student's
currentprogram of study.  Undergraduates may enroll in G491 if they
havealready fulfilled the foreign language requirement for the B.A.
inanother language.  The Department of Germanic Studies does not
permitauditing of G491 for any reason.

German for Reading Knowledge by Hubert
Jannach and Richard Alan Korb, 5th edition [this edition only!]
(Heinle & Heinle, 2005), ISBN: 1-4130-0370-2.

A good large German-English dictionary is also essential. Especially
recommended is The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary:
German-English/English-German (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994 or later).
Also recommended is Langenscheidt New College German Dictionary: