Germanic Languages | Dutch Culture: Modern Netherlands
N350 | 27458 | Ham

Topic:WWII, Film and literature

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and

For those seeking to understand the Netherlands, national taboos and
obsessions are a good place to start. These can best be gleaned from
Dutch literature, especially when you look at two themes that have
generally been dominant for the last 60 years: the relationship with
the (former) East Indian colony and the Second World War. This course
tries to give an idea why the war in Europe and Asia remain important
in Dutch literature for that long. The main focus will be on The
Netherlands, but we will look at parallels in other West European
countries also.

The course begins with an outline of the war, in Western Europe, more
specifically in The Netherlands, and in the former Dutch East Indies.
Three Dutch novels will be read and abstracts from other books.
Furthermore, we will look critically at many films, the most well
known war movie from The Netherlands as well as some other films, made
in Europe.
Grading will entail: a couple of position papers, a final paper and a

1.) Harry Mulisch, The assault  (Publisher: Pantheon Books, ISBN
2.) Jeroen Brouwers, Sunken Red (Publisher: New Amsterdam Books, ISBN
3.) G. Durlacher, Stripes in the sky (Publisher: Serpentís tail,
ISBN1-85242 202-5
4.) Reader
5.) eInstruction clicker (ISBN 1881483717) and activation code (ISBN

Additional readings will be made available through handouts.