Global Village Living-Learning Center | Study Abroad: Before You Go
G291 | 21927 | Galuska

(1 cr.) (2nd 8-weeks) (MW, 3:35  4:25)  P: Consent of Office of
Overseas Study. This 8-week course prepares students for the
rewarding educational experience of studying abroad. Taught from an
interdisciplinary perspective, the course will stimulate students
both to think about and to openly discuss, their primary
goals/concerns with overseas study. The course is structured around
four major topics: 1) pre-departure considerations; 2) life in the
host country; 3) strategies for recognizing obstacles and overcoming
challenges; and 4) integrating study and daily personal experiences
with post-travel educational goals. Students will be expected to
complete weekly readings for the course, participate in weekly
discussions, and present a short in-class presentation focusing on
the host country they plan to visit. Maximizing Study Abroad (2002)
will be used as the primary text for the class. International
students and faculty members from IU will visit the class throughout
the semester to share their personal experiences studying abroad and
conducting research outside of the U.S.