Global Village Living-Learning Center | Understanding the Cold War
S104 | 22241 | Terry, Herb

(3 cr.) (S&H) (TFR) (MW, 1:00-2:15) Terry  The purpose of this
seminar is to create an understanding of the Cold War for a
generation for whom it was never current events. Through readings,
film screenings and class discussion, the course will provide
insight into the era and how it continues to affect your parentsí
generation. When the course is completed, you will (1) have a broad
historical understanding of the Cold War and some ideas about its
influence and meaning today, (2) understand how entertainment media
treated the Cold War while it was in progress, and (3) understand
differences between contemporary understanding of historical events
and contemporaneous accounts of those events as found in news media
of the time and recollections of those events in the form of oral