Spanish and Portuguese | Contemporary Portuguese Literature
P567 | 26350 | E. Vieira

Professor Estella Vieira

P567   Contemporary Portuguese Literature
Topic: Several Selves, Numerous Nations: Twentieth-Century
Portuguese Literature

TR 2:30pm – 3:45pm/section# 26350/3cr./Location TBA

This course introduces students to essential writers and literary
periods of twentieth-century Portuguese literature. We focus on the
tendency in Portuguese literature to react to the crisis of self and
modernity with the representation of many different selves rather
than with the fragmentation of the individual. Beginning with
Fernando Pessoa's project of creating different poets or heteronyms,
the course continues with readings from a literary tradition, in
which these themes evolve. With vanguard literary experimentation
emerges a need to question the sense of identity in conjunction with
an exploration of Portugal's multicultural history. In this search,
self and national identities are multiple and multiplied and hence
constantly defining and redefining themselves. The course then
examines the modernist heritage and the transition to later post-
modern fiction by António Lobo Antunes, Lídia Jorge, and José
Saramago, attempting to connect the modernist project with
postmodern and postcolonial debates about identity as diverse. We
will read closely a variety of different genres, including poetry,
short story, novella, novel, and essay, and supplement our primary
readings with relevant theoretical reflections on the representation
of self in literature and culture.

This course is offered jointly with P498 and P495.