Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Hispanic Culture
S290 | 28038 | Montgomery, Zak

HISP-S 290  Topics in Hispanic Culture  ( 3 credits)
2nd Eight Weeks Course, 10/22/2007 – 12/14/2007

Topic:  Dictatorship to Democracy: Spain and Portugal in the 20th

Taught in English, this course will explore the consequences of
political, cultural, and socio-economic isolation of Spain and
Portugal from the 1930s to their entry into the European Community
in 1986. Topics to be discussed include the rise and consolidation
of the authoritarian regimes of Salazar (1928-1974) and Franco (1936-
1975), the impact of the dictatorships on cultural production, and
the emphasis on an agrarian as opposed to industrial state under the
regimes.  The course will draw on multiple disciplines, including
political science, economics, history, journalism, cultural studies,
and film, to examine the representation of the Iberian Peninsula’s
isolation through 20th-century literary manifestations, especially
poetry, the short story, and the novel.  Special emphasis will be
given to the Spanish and Portuguese dictatorial regimes confronting
the spread of post-war democracy, opposition and democratization of
the 1970s, as well as formal European integration in the mid-1980s.

1) This course is offered jointly with GLLC-G210 #27425 and HISP-P
290, #28041.
2)  This course does not count toward the Spanish minor or major
since it is taught in English.
3)  The course does count for Culture Studies and the Arts and
Humanities requirement.

HISP-S 290   #28038   2:30P-3:45P   MTWR   FQ012A   Montgomery, Z.
2nd Eight Weeks Course:  10/22/2007 - 12/14/2007