Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 22879 | Professor Deborah Cohn (Sauer)

HISP –S 331   The Hispanic World I  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or S311 or equivalent         By Permission Only.

Credit given for only two of the following:  S331, S332, S333

This course will explore the relationship between art, politics, and
the representation of national and gendered identity  within the
context of an introduction to twentieth-century Spanish American
literary works.  The course is divided into five sections, each of
which studies the mechanics of a different literary genre: the
novel, short story, drama, essay, and poetry.

Authors read include:  Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Rubén
Darío, Rosario Ferré, Gabriel García Márquez, Antonio Skármeta, and

Goals of this course include:  working knowledge of the major
literary genres; development of skills for analyzing literary texts;
and improvement of the student’s speaking, writing, listening, and
reading abilities.

Course requirements include daily reading assignments and
participation, a midterm and final exam, three short papers,
homework, and quizzes.

HISP-S 331   #22879  Permission  11:15A-12:05P  MWF  Room=TBA
Prof. Deborah Cohn (Sauer)
Note:  Above section open to Hutton Honors students only.  Obtain on-
line permission for above section from Hutton Honors College.  Above
section meets with another class of HISP S331, class #22646.