Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish America: The Cultural Context
S412 | 22189 | Professor Patrick Dove

HISP-S 412 Spanish America: The Cultural Context (3 credits) CULTURE
Prerequisite: S275 or equivalent for those students who matriculated
prior to Fall 2001. S331 or equivalent for those students who
matriculated Fall 2001 or after.

“Representation and Violence in Spanish America”

In this course we will examine various forms of cultural production
(written, visual and uses of physical space) in the context of
institutionalized violence in Spanish America during the 20th and
early 21st centuries. We will ask how these cultural forms seek to
remember, convey and/or intervene in structures of political
repression, economic domination and psychological abjection. Course
material will be selected from three geographic and historical
contexts: the Mexican revolution of 1910-1920, the Southern Cone
military dictatorships of the 1970’s and 80’s, and the contemporary
drug wars in the Andes and along the Mexican-US border. Cultural
texts will include films, photographic displays, paintings, plans
for a “museum of memory,” short stories, and short or medium-length
novels. We will pay especially close attention to the specificities
of cultural form, asking how it is that film, painting, music,
fiction and architectural design respond in their own ways to
experiences of violence. Evaluation based on class participation,
short writing assignments, presentations, and a final research

HISP-S 412  #22189   2:30P-3:45P   TR   Room=TBA  Prof. Patrick Dove
Note:  This course carries culture studies credit.