Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Culture in the U.S.
S413 | 26447 | Professor Luis Dávila

HISP-S 413  Hispanic Culture in the U.S. (3 credits) 	CULTURE
Prerequisite:  S275 or equivalent for those students who
matriculated prior to Fall 2001.S331 or equivalent for those
students who matriculated Fall 2001 or after.

This class will explore the impact of Hispanic culture on the
United States, as well as the interplay of  the English and Spanish-
speaking phenomena already existing in American society.

The course will emphasize a close reading of the essay as a
means of approaching Hispanic culture, particularly as it permeates
the culture of the U.S.

Family, religion, the Hispanic sense of community, cultural
identity, Latino humor, and other cultural aspects of Spanish-
speaking society in the U.S.  will be profiled.  Readings taken from
such writers as Octavio Paz, Tino Villanueva, Richard Rodríguez,
Gloria Anzaldúa and others will be highlighted.

There will be one midterm paper and a more extensive final
paper.  The class will do written exercises and oral presentations,
all in Spanish.  Though some of the readings will be in English, the
class will be conducted in Spanish.

HISP-S 413  #26447  11:15A-12:05P MWF  Room=TBA  Prof. Luis Dávila
Note:  This course carries culture studies credit.