Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Colloquium
S495 | 26462 | Professor Deborah Cohn

HISP-S 495  Hispanic Colloquium   (3 credits)       LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent.

Topic: Faulkner and Spanish American Writers

This course examines Spanish American authors’ readings and
rewritings of William Faulkner.  In addition to Faulkner, we will
read works by Rosario Ferré, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel García Márquez,
Juan Carlos Onetti, Juan Rulfo, and Mario Vargas Llosa.  We will
focus in particular on the authors’ reworkings and appropriations of
Absalom, Absalom! and “A Rose for Emily.”  We will examine
representations of the family and how these are affected by the U.S.
South’s racial, sexual, and gender discourses.  We will also study
the transformations in the representation of time, and the
repudiation of notions of linearity, causality, and chronological
order as part of efforts at rewriting regional—U.S. Southern and
Spanish American—history.  We ask just what it was about Faulkner
and his depiction of the U.S. South that appealed to Spanish
American authors who were just then beginning to achieve
international fame.  Course will be taught in Spanish.

HISP-S 495 #26462 12:20P-1:10P  MWF Room=TBA
Prof. Deborah Cohn (Sauer)