Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Linguistic Variation and Language in Context
S612 | 23508 | M. Díaz-Campos

Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

S612	Topics in Linguistic Variation and Language in Context
Topic: Examining Scociolinguistic Variation in Spanish

TR 2:30pm – 3:45pm/section# 23508/3cr./Location TBA

This class is an advanced research-oriented course in language
variation and change. A review of current literature and methodology
will be pursued with the idea of applying it to Spanish variation
phenomena in any variety of the Spanish speaking world. During the
semester we will be examining topics such as:1) The development of
sociolinguistic studies in Spanish, 2) Sociolinguistic variation in
child language: Becoming part of the speech community, 3)
Understanding the spreading sociolinguistic variation: Frequency and
lexical diffusion, 4) Perceiving variation: Experimental methods for
analyzing phonological variation, 5) Practical application of
theoretical concepts: Apparent and real-time constructs, and 6) The
role of style in describing sociolinguistic variation. Class time
will be divided in lecturing, class discussion, and solving problem