History | American HIstory I
H105 | 17340 | Grossberg

Above class open to freshmen and sophomores only

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This course examines the history of what would become the United
States from initial European colonization to the Civil War.  It is
designed to introduce students to the study of American history.
The course will be divided into three eras: colonial, revolutionary,
and antebellum.  In each era, students will examine the
interrelationship of social, political, economic, and cultural
change.  They will explore such persistent issues in American
history as individualism, republicanism, and capitalism, and the
human motivations, external forces, and generational influences that
affected their development.  Students will also examine the craft of
history as a way of understanding human experience by reading
various kinds of historical texts such as a biography, fiction
documents, and articles on history as a form of detective work.