History | The 19th Century
H650 | 17377 | Grossberg

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Above class open to graduates only

This colloquium is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the
history and historiography of the Nineteenth Century United States.
It takes a long view of that era by looking at the years between
1790 and 1920.  The basic objective of the colloquium is to
familiarize students with both the subject matter of nineteenth
century American history and the ways in which it has been studied
and explained.  The course will proceed in a roughly chronological
order.  It will examine a variety of approaches to the era including
political, social, intellectual, and cultural as well as some of the
most important sub-specialties used to understand the period such as
literary, race, legal, gender, religious, and military history.
Each colloquium session will be devoted to the discussion of a
particular topic.