History | Nations and Nationalism in Latin America
H665 | 27573 | Guardino

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to graduates only

In this colloquium we will take up the dual problems of nationalism
and national identity in Latin America.  We will begin with four
weeks devoted to the most influential theoretical approaches to
nationalism, using a variety of short readings by people like Ernest
Gellner, Eric Hobsbawm, Anthony Smith, Prasenjit Duara, Max Weber,
Ann Stoler, Anne McClintock and John Breuilly as well as Benedict
Andersonís influential Imagined Communities.  We will then move into
Latin America, using books and articles to examine such topics as
nationalism and literature, the birth of nationalism within colonial
orders, nationalism and popular movements, national identity and
Afro-Latinos, national identity and Native Americans, national
identity and the populist state, national identity and gender, and
anthropological approaches to nationalism.

Students will complete several short assignments, including book
reviews, presentations, a syllabus, and a mock grant proposal.