History | Seminar in African History
H795 | 29179 | Hanson

Topic:  Africa in the Twentieth Century

This course focuses on developments in twentieth century Africa,
especially the impact of colonial rule and its aftermath in eastern
and western Africa. In reviewing the major historical themes
regarding colonial/independent Africa, attention will be given to
the bases for historical research and analysis: how do historians
conduct research on the past and how have they represented and
interpreted African perspectives in their work?

For the colloquium (H695), the aim is to gain broad exposure to the
historical literature of twentieth century Africa; for the seminar
(H795), the aim is to produce a research paper on a specific topic
in twentieth century African history. The seminar (H795) is designed
for African history majors; students pursuing an African history
minor or African Studies PhD minor should enroll in the colloquium.

Course Requirements: For the colloquium (H695), students will read
broadly and write several short essays. For the seminar (H795):
students will produce a précis, conduct research (based as much as
possible on ‘primary’ source materials), and write a publication-
quality paper.