History | The Jews of Islam
J300 | 27563 | Lehmann

Above class for Jewish Studies students only.  Obtain
authorization from Jewish Studies Academic Advisor
Above class COLL intensive writing section
Above class meets with another section of HIST-J300

This intensive writing seminar will introduce students to the
history of Jews under Muslim rule from the rise of Islam in the 620s
to the present. The course will explore Jewish-Muslim relations
during the formative period of Islam, the “golden age” of Jewish
culture in Muslim Spain, the emergence of a Judeo-Arabic culture in
the Middle Ages, the life of Jews under the Ottoman Empire, the
changing relations between Jews and Muslims in the age of European
colonialism, and the impact of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The J300 is an introductory seminar for History and Jewish Studies
majors as well as other students intended to teach historical
skills, particularly research and analytical skills. In this course
students will work intensively on their writings, the final grade
being based on short weekly writing assignments, a longer term paper
at the end of the semester, and participation in class discussions.