History | Migration in European History
J400 | 17389 | Ipsen

Above class open to majors only
Above class open to undergraduates only
J400: P-HIST-J300

This course will look at the migration history of Europeans since
about 1500, namely from about the time of contact/conquest in the
Americas.  We will look at the impact of European migration in early
modern period (~1500-1800), including the forced migration of, in
particular, Africans as perpetrated by Europeans. We will then turn
to European migration history over the past two centuries. In
particular we will focus on the massive migrations of the mid-
nineteenth to early twentieth century and so the creation of the so-
called neo-Europes (European origin populations in N and S America,
Oceania, South Africa).  Time allowing we will look at the post-
colonial migration of “extra-Europeans” into Europe (since about
1950). There will be no assumption that students can do research in
European languages, and research papers on European migration to the
US using US sources will be an option.