History | The Baltic States Since 1918
T500 | 27567 | Raun

Above class open to graduates only
Above class meets with CEUS-U544

This course offers a graduate-level introduction to the Baltic
states and peoples in the 20th century.  It begins with historical
background on the origins of independence in the wake of the Russian
Revolution and focuses on three key eras: the interwar independence
period, World War II and Soviet rule, and the re-establishment of
independence in 1991 and its aftermath.  In addition to political
developments, socioeconomic change and cultural life will also
receive considerable attention.  The approach will be comparative,
both chronologically and geographically within the Baltic region.
Weekly meetings will be centered on discussion of common readings.
Written assignments will include a book review (7 pp.) and a
research paper (15-20 pp.).