History | Love, Sex, & Marriage in the Western World since 1500
W200 | 29352 | Kvetko

Why do people get married?  Have the reasons changed over time?
This course examines the institution of marriage in America and
Western Europe since 1500.  Beginning with the religious foundation
of marriage in the Catholic and Protestant traditions and ending
with the future of marriage in contemporary American society, the
class will investigate how major historical events have shaped
people’s matrimonial expectations.  As two major themes in our
study, love and sex play important roles when we look at the meaning
of marriage across time.  Aside from becoming experts on the topic,
students will learn how to think and write like historians and how
to analyze historical and academic texts.  Class assignments may
include a genealogical assignment, short papers or in-class writing
assignments and exams.  This course has no prerequisites.  Meets the
Social and Historical Studies requirement.