Honors | Language and Thought (COLL)
E103 | 21954 | Steve Franks

Lecture MW 12:20-1:10pm, Discussion Th 9:05-9:55am

This course examines the nature of human language from a variety of
perspectives and explores the complex interrelationship between
language and thought. It serves to introduce students to current
language-related issues in the social and behavioral sciences,
addressing questions such as: How is human language structured? What
does it mean to “know“ a language?; How is this knowledge acquired?;
What happens when linguistic ability is impaired? To what extent are
language and thought independent?; Is language a uniquely human
capacity?; How can human languages differ?; What properties do they
all share?; What are Sign Languages? How do languages change?

S. Pinker, The Language Instinct
F. Parker & K. Riley Linguistics for Non-Linguistics
various articles, t.b.a.

The honors discussion will be run by professor. (The three regular
discussions will be run by an AI.) The honors students will be
assigned extra topical readings and will be required, in addition to
completing the regular homework assignments and exams, to write a
short paper.