Honors | Honors Business in the Information Age (BUS)
G101 | 24066-24068 | Bruce jaffee

F 10:10-11:00am (24066)
F 11:15am-12:05pm (24067)
F 12:20-1:10pm (24068)

BUS G 101 Business in the Information Age: Honors (3 cr.) P: Direct
admit freshman or honors student. An introductory but comprehensive
survey of business and economic data and information. Focuses on
sources of information, what it means and how to interpret it, the
accuracy and reliability of the data, and its use and abuse.
Introduction to the Wall Street Journal and other major domestic and
foreign information sources. Emphasis is on trends, current events,
and issue analysis. G 101 is the honors version of G 100 and it
shares the same basic course content as G 100.