Honors | Introduction to Informatics (INFO)
H101 | 28246 | Mehmet Dalkilic

Lecture 28245 (TuTh 2:30-3:45pm)
28246 F 9:05-9:55am

Technology has become one of the most powerful agents of change in
humanity; it provides us with an ability to share data and
information globally and instantaneously (blogs, video, IM), it is a
growing and significant vehicle for recreation and communities
(Xbox, Wii, MMORGs, facebook, myspace) it gives us a way to change
life itself--changing our own information (DNA sequencing and
engineering); it forces us to rethink ethics and morality (file
sharing, mp3s, phishing, spam); it holds paradoxically both
wonderful promises and catastrophic possibilites for the future
(epidemics, vaccines, genetically modified crops, global warming).
In H101, we'll explore technology by using it (Indiana University is
one of the world's best in making technology available (HTML, XML,
Operations Systems, Outlook, Javascript, free software, Adobe
Photoshop) and learn how it can be manupilated (make a webpage
google-important). Examine philosophy of technology through exciting
formal readings, world events and debating ethical, moral and legal
aspects of technology. Build a computer, visit incredible
laboratories on campus to see where technology is used (our
supercomputer, our DNA sequences, our Cyber-security center). The
class will be a doing-class--we'll learn by engaging technology and
ourselves, so we're seeking people who are hungry to know and learn!
If you have any questions, please visit me at
www.informatics.indiana.edu/dalkilic. I'm looking forward to seeing
you in the fall.