Honors | Journeys and Migrations: From Italy to the Rest of the World (HON)
H203 | 24718 | Marco Arnaudo

TuTh 9:30-10:45am

In this course we will study cultural exchanges between Italy and
other countries through a discussion of the Italians’ journeys of
exploration from the Middle Ages to the 1700’s, as well as through
an analysis of modern colonialism and migration. These themes will
be connected to a more general consideration of intercultural
relations and cultural Otherness. Students will be encouraged to
reflect upon such questions as: How does the cultural background of
the traveler influence her/his perception of the new country? How
does the contact with a different culture influence the traveler’s
own identity? How can cultural exchange and contact help fighting
stereotypes? What is the price of integration? Finally, in the case
of the Italian migration to North America, what is the evolution of
Italian American culture in the United States?

The first part of the course will discuss the experience of Italian
famous travelers, including Marco Polo’s journey to the Far East and
Casanova’s description of his wanderings throughout Europe. The
second section of the course will be devoted to discuss literary
works and films on the Italian American experience. Particular
attention will be given to autobiographical writings by Italian
American authors and to Francis Ford Coppola’s film trilogy inspired
by Puzo’s The Godfather.

Students in this class will write three short essays, a final exam,
and participate in an oral presentation.