Honors | Ideas & Experience I (HON)
H211 | 17399 | Richard Cecil

MW 1:00-2:15pm

In this course we will read ten great imaginative explorations of
the central problem of governmentóto achieve the correct balance
between individual freedom and governmental authority.  Beginning
with GILGAMESH, the story of a great Middle Eastern tyrant whose
hubris leads him to search for the cure for death, and ending with
Miltonís Paradise Lost (soon to be a major motion picture!), the
story of Satanís revolutionary struggle to free his angels from
Godís tyranny, we will watch the balance of power shift between
Tyranny (too much government) and Anarchy (too little government).
In the final, creative paper, which the whole class will read and
discuss in a workshop, each student will adopt the voice of a prince
who, in a fictional dramatic context narrated from his point of
view, will discuss and illustrate his theory of government.