Honors | Gender, Sexuality & Pop Culture (HON)
H299 | 23770 | Brenda Weber

This course meets with GNDR-G 225.  To enroll in both courses, see
HON-BM 299, class number 23770.

H299: W 1:00-1:50pm
G225: MW 4:45-6:00pm

This course, which meets as a discussion section to G225 - Gender,
Sexuality, and Popular Culture - will be a special topics discussion
on reality TV.  Scholarship on reality TV is both rigorous and
voluminous, and in this course we will read many fascinating
articles that seek to situate notions of real vs. reality, the
tutorials on gender offered by television, the place of surveillance
and obedience, the difference between documentary and "reality," the
role of lifestyle programming, and the neoliberal logics behind such
shows as Judge Judy and What Not to Wear.  Students will be
encouraged to actively participate in picking the television and
scholarly texts we analyze.  In addition to a presentation to the
class, which will also include a short 4-5 pp paper, students will
write a longer analysis of a reality TV show that demonstrates their
new-found capacity to critically read the medium.