Honors | Literary Interpretation (ENG)
L202 | 16339 | Richard Nash

MWF 10:10-11:00am

This course teaches the skills required for studying literature with
understanding and pleasure. Drawing upon poetry, plays and novels
from different periods and different regions of the English-speaking
world, we will identify the basic building blocks of literary
writing and develop the tools we need to analyze them.  These tools
will include close reading, scansion, understanding literary
devices, understanding generic conventions, situating literature in
historical context, and learning from literary critics. In short,
the course seeks to help students become perceptive readers equipped
with the necessary vocabulary and techniques to take on complex
texts. Our poetry readings will range from William Blake to David
Byrne, from Gerard Manley Hopkins to Gwendolyn Brooks, and from John
Milton to Sylvia Plath.  We will also read plays by David Henry
Hwang and J.B. Priestly; essays by Virgina Woolf and Alice Walker;
and novels by Joseph Conrad and Chinua Achebe. Assignments likely
will consist of four short papers, a fair amount of informal
writing, quizzes, presentations, and group editorial work.