Honors | Foundations of Leisure
R160 | 29418 | Ruth Russell

Honors / Foundations of Leisure
HPER R160 / 29148 / Ruth V. Russell, Professor
TuTh 11:15 am  12:30 pm

HPER R160 offers an introduction to leisure as a significant force
in contemporary life. We study this by way of its social,
psychological, historical, philosophical, anthropological,
geographical, and economic foundations. More than a survey course,
however, R160 is a point of view. Leisure is presented as a human
phenomenon that is individual and collective, historical and
contemporary, good and bad, and useful and frivolous.

Thus, we explore leisure as:

a condition of being human, including its meanings through the
humanities, ancient history, contemporary usage, as well as its
qualities, explanations, and role in human development

a cultural mirror, including its meaning reflected in society,
media, geography, technology, and deviance

a social instrument, including its history as a tool for social
good, its power over an economy, our time, and work, as well as its
role in achieving human equity

General course requirements include reading assignments in the text,
Pastimes: The Context of Contemporary Leisure (3rd Ed.), and a mid-
term and final exam. Also required are active participation in 8 in-
class activities and the submission of 8 one-page papers
highlighting specific course content.

Additional Honors requirements include completion of general course
requirements, plus reading a book selected from an instructor
provided list and writing a five-page paper relating the book to
assigned class/text topic, and preparing a five-page position paper
discussing a controversial case study selected from an instructor
provided list.

Class Meetings are:

Lecture: 11:15-12:30, Tu Th, MO 007
Honors Discussion: 1:00-1:50, Th, HPER 158