Honors | Migrations and Cultures (COLL)
S103 | 22064 | Paul Foster

MWF 10:10-11:00am

This course offers a broad introduction to the peoples and cultures
of the Balkan peninsula, specifically the independent nations of
Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania,
Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey, and how members of these communities
have adapted their cultures as the have migrated to the United
States. At the same time, the class will look at the growing
influence of American cultures in the fascinating countries of South
Eastern Europe. Students will be challenged to think about multi-
cultural United States as well as the process of globalization of
local cultures. The focus of this course will be on contemporary
cultures in the form of literature and film and the languages that
serve to define the cultural isoglosses found in contemporary South
Eastern Europe. While some attention will be paid to the history of
the Balkans, the course will center on the contemporary
manifestations of Balkan cultures, especially by close readings of
authentic texts (literature and film) in English translation. A
unifying theme in the course will be the exploration of the theme of
migration and how both the United States and the Balkans have been
sources and destinations of migrations. Basic academic skills
(writing, research, critical thinking) will be important parts of
the course. All students will be required to submit short written (2
pages) or oral (5 minutes) text reviews of assigned readings or
films. Students will complete a major research paper on a topic
chosen in consultation with the instructor. The research project and
paper will be closely supervised by the instructor who will require
an outline, first, and final drafts be submitted. Students will be
expected to participate in classroom discussion and debates.