Honors | Force & Diplomacy in the Nuclear Age (POLS)
Y210 | 23384 | Dina Spechler

Th 2:30-4:25pm

This seminar will deal with ways in which force and diplomacy have
been used to insure national security and promote national interests
in the nuclear age. Special topics may include the decisions to
develop and employ the first atomic bomb; the role of force and
diplomacy in the origins of the Cold War; the beginning and
escalation of the nuclear arms race; the role of nuclear weapons in
the defense of Europe; the causes of and lessons learned from the
Cuban Missile Crisis; the rise and results of detente; the process,
achievements, and future of arms control; and efforts to deal with
the legacy of the nuclear arms race -- the problems of nuclear
proliferation, environmental damage, and safety in the post-Cold War

Weekly readings will be 50-60 pages, including many original source
documents (memoirs, letters, speeches) and news articles from the
past and present, as well as scholars' discussions of the issues.
Writing assignments will total approximately 20-25 pages. There will
be a midterm and a final.