Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreation Leadership Skills: Organizational Leadership Theory
R100 | 17889 | Rasul Mowatt

Description of course content:   This course is designed to allow
students to experience and learn leadership skills by attending
class and by attending campus organizational meetings.  The text
will allow the students to gain an appreciation of organizational
leadership theory.  By attending the meetings, the students will be
able to assess the organizationís structure, its strength and
weaknesses, as well as the myriad of leadership styles used by its

Required Book List:   Mull, R.  (1997).  Organizational Leadership
Development, Bloomington, IN:  Mr. Copy.  This is the BLUE BOOK
available at Mr. Copy, 501 E. 10th Street (corner of 10th and Dunn).

Summary of Assignments:

	Midterm Exam		                              100
	Summary Paper				      100
	Weekly Observation Journal			        50
	Class Attendance				        50

				        TOTAL POINTS     300