Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Map and Compass
R110 | 21243 | David Calvin

CLASS TIME:	October 15 & 22, 6:00-10:00pm in IMU M086
	(Attendance at classroom is required to attend travel dates)
TRAVEL DATES:         October 26-28
INSTRUCTOR:	David Calvin
LOCATION:	Bradford Woods, IN
DESCRIPTION:	Orienteering is a sport in which the competitor is
given a topographic map of a forest marked with a course consisting
of a series of checkpoints to be visited. Orienteering maps are
specially prepared topographic maps showing the terrain and details
encountered in the forest. Students will learn map reading and
compass skills practicing their skills on an orienteering course.
BOOKS:	Staying Found, by Fleming.
EVALUATION:	     30% skill demonstration, 20% expedition
behavior, 30% written examination, and 20% three page paper.
ADDITIONAL FEE:	The additional fee for the class is $160, which
includes transportation, maps, compass and group gear.