Health, Physical Education and Recreation | FUNSAR Fundamentals of Search and Rescue
R120 | 22494 | David Calvin

LOCATION:	IMU and Lake Griffy, Indiana
DESCRIPTION: 	The Fundamentals of Search and Rescue Course
(FUNSAR) course provides students with practical exercises and a
practice search mission were they are required to have the proper
equipment and stay out in the field during daylight operations.
Course content includes survival, support, and search and rescue.
Upon successful completion the students will earn their SAR TECH II
BOOKS:	Search and Rescue Fundamentals 4th Ed, by Cooper
ASSIGNMENTS:	Assigned readings and exercises as required
EVALUATION:	40% written exam, 30% orientation course and 30%
ADDITIONAL FEE:	The additional fee for the class is $160, which
includes the certification and classroom material.