Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Foundations of Recreation and Leisure
R160 | 17892 | Ruth V Russell

Description of course content: HPER R160 offers an introduction to
leisure as a significant force in contemporary life. We study this
by way of its social, psychological, historical, philosophical,
anthropological, geographical, and economic foundations. More than a
survey course, however, R160 is a point of view. Leisure is
presented as a human phenomenon that is individual and collective,
historical and contemporary, good and bad, and useful and frivolous.
Thus, we explore leisure as:

	a condition of being human, including its meanings through
the humanities, ancient history, contemporary usage, as well as its
qualities, explanations, and role in human development
	a cultural mirror, including its meaning reflected in
society, media, geography, technology, and deviance
	a social instrument, including its history as a tool for
social good, its power over an economy, our time, and work, as well
as its role in achieving human equity

Required Book List: Pastimes: The Context of Contemporary Leisure
(3rd Ed.), by Ruth V. Russell, 2005, Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments: Weekly reading assignments in the text, a
mid-term and final exam, active participation in 8 in-class
activities and the submission of 8 one-page papers.