Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Issues in Sport Settings
R411 | 24429 | Dr. Sarah J Young

Description of course content:  The purpose of this course is to
provide students an in-depth understanding of the American system of
jurisprudence, statutory law, administrative law, constitutional law
and common law at all levels of the sport industry.  The course is
designed to inform and educate recreation and sport managers about
the legal risks, issues, and considerations inherent in the
management of these programs as a way to avoid or reduce the
probability of litigation.  The course provides students with a
basic understanding of legal procedures, tort law, constitutional
law, contract law, intellectual property law, risk management and
other legal subjects related to sport settings.

Required Book List:  Cotten, D. J. &  Wolohan, J. T. (Eds.).
(2007).  Law for recreation and sport managers (4th ed).  Dubuque,
IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishing, Co.

Summary of Assignments:

	Exams.  There will be a total of three objective, short
answer, and essay exams given during the semester.
	Case Law Analysis. This assignment requires the student to
choose an actual court case and to develop a brief case summary of
the facts.
	Contract Critique.  Students will obtain a waiver or legal
contract from an actual recreation or sport organization and
critique both the strengths and weaknesses of the document.
	Facility Risk Review.  This assignment requires students to
visit a recreation or sports facility and conduct a facility risk
review of the facility.
	In-Class Activities.  In-class activities will take place
periodically throughout the semester.  Students attending class that
particular day will receive credit for assignments/activities
completed in class.  Students absent on those days will not be able
to make up the in-class assignment.