Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Trends and Issues in Therapeutic Recreation
R479 | 17931 | Youngkhill Lee

Description of course content:

This course is designed to advance the student's knowledge of issues
and concerns that influence the provision of therapeutic recreation
services. This course will require the student to critically examine
and discuss issues impacting the profession of therapeutic
recreation in order to develop a sound, practical philosophy.

Required Book List:

Austin, D., Dattilo, J., & McCormick, B. P. (2002). Conceptual
foundations for therapeutic recreation. State College, PA: Venture.

Summary of Assignments:

Assignment 1: "This I Believe" Reading Comprehension Assignment

Read Chapter 17 entitled "This I Believe? and answer to the
following questions:
1. Which This I Believe ?statement do you like best? After careful
analysis, write specific elements that appeal to you.
2. Would you categorize some authors as being more clinical than
others? Which ones? What makes these statements more clinical in
nature to you?
3. Choose two This I Believe?statements that seem to differ. Compare
and contrast them.
4. Write your own This I Believe…statement (2 pages, double space)

Assignment 2: Professional Issue paper

The Professional Issues and Trends Paper is designed to promote a
more in-depth investigation of a current issue or trend that faces
the field and to facilitate an analysis of the implications of
specific courses of action or inaction.

The Professional Issue Paper is a collaborative research assignment.
Your instructor will pair you up with 3 students as a team of
researchers. Upon given a topical issue from your instructor, each
team will submit a paper (minimum of 10 references) in which
students critically examine an issue currently facing the field of
therapeutic recreation. Each team of researchers should discuss the
history of the issue, the current status of the issue, factors that
affect the issue, as well as the implications of the issue on the
practice of therapeutic recreation. Papers must be word processed
and prepared according to the guidelines for authors in either
Therapeutic Recreation Journal, or Annual in Therapeutic Recreation.
To adequately cover an issue, it is anticipated that these papers
will be at least 8-10 pages in length (no less than 8).
Assignment 3: Group Presentation (10 pts.)
The same group presents their project to the class, pretending that
remaining classmates are professional audience.