Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Fundraising for Public and Non-Profit Agencies
R524 | 21633 | S Wolter

Description of course content:  This course offers advanced
competency and skill in development, fundraising and organization
management related to revenue source management.  HPER R524 is a
graduate class in development/fundraising that emphasizes experience
and service learning.  The course covers various aspects of
fundraising that make for a successful development program, and is
especially applicable for those whose future positions may in some
way involve raising private funds.

Required Book List:  Conducting a Successful Fundraising Program,
Dove, Kent E., Jossey-Bass, Inc., 2001, ISBN 0-7879-5352-0.

Summary of Assignments:

1.  Organization portfolio/analysis				
2.  Organization service learning project			
3.  Mid-term							
4.  Discussion Readings