Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreational Sport Administration
R570 | 17945 | Dr Craig M Ross

Description of Course Content:

This three (3) credit hour course is designed for the student to:

A.	Develop insight and understanding of philosophical and
management approaches that relate to recreational sports
B.	Develop an understanding of and appreciation for the role of
recreational sports in society from a local, regional, national and
global perspective.
C.	Develop a sound base of literature review and terminology
relevant to a variety of recreational sports settings.
D.	Develop an understanding of the relationship between
physical education, recreation, and service professions as they
influence and affect recreational sport programming and
E.	Develop an awareness of problems, issues, and trends in
todayˇ¦s recreational sports administration.
F.	Establish a sound research background in the recreational
sport administration knowledge base.

Required Book List:

1.	Recreational Sport Management (2005) by Mull, Bayless, and
Jamieson.  Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign, IL.

Summary of Assignments:

In class Activities: The course places a significant amount of
emphasis on active involvement in class with the material. Numerous
in class activities will be conducted throughout the semester at
random times.

Assignments:  There will be several practical assignments that will
help students prepare for a professional career in recreational
sports administration.  Among them are:

„X	Program Case Report:  A case study of an existing
recreational sport program will be completed. This program case
study will consist of a general analysis of the program, including
facilities used, clientele served, program structure, program
format, policies, procedures, rules, modifications, staffing,
budget, risk management issues, etc.

„X	Management Policy Plan: Each student will prepare a
management policy plan and report covering a specific management
issue related to the field of recreational sport management.

„X	Research Paper: The research paper will be a research-
oriented literature review covering a relevant issue or topic
related to the field of recreational sport.

„X	Program Proposal: A recreational sport program proposal of
the design of a recreational sport program for a specific population
in a specific management setting.

„X	Recreational Sport Policy Debate:  Students will debate a
specific policy issue affecting the field of recreational sport
management in class.  The format of the debate will be determined
based on class demographics.  Students will be required to take an
active role in the debate and will be required to write a brief
position statement (approximately 2-3 pages) reflecting the
studentˇ¦s view on the issue presented.

Exams:  There will be three exams and a final exam.