International Studies | Introduction to International Studies
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Introduction to International Studies (INTL-I100)
I100 provides a broad introduction to the principal issues and modes
of study that characterize International Studies. At IU, the
International Studies Program (INTL) emphasizes the relational and
comparative study of the manner in which individuals, groups,
localities, and nations have confronted global issues, past and
present. The Program responds to the call for individuals--in roles
as citizens and future policy makers--who are trained to meet
challenges through an understanding of the world’s
The course will teach different perspectives for studying and making
sense of the world. We will learn how these different perspectives
portray the world, interpret events, and often shape human actions.
Organized around the INTL thematic concentrations, the course
introduces approaches from the natural and social sciences and the
arts and humanities. Case studies from different historical periods
and parts of the world will be used to illustrate these approaches
and key issues.
Among the primary course objectives are for students to: 1) develop
tools needed to analyze global questions, attending to both common
processes and differences across time/space; 2) strengthen an
international perspective on debates surrounding critical issues,
and an understanding of the multiple viewpoints with which members
of diverse social groups approach them; 3) understand the impact of
individual decisions on the world and of world events on
individuals; and 4) continue to refine skills in communication,
research, and critical thinking.