International Studies | Global Environment (Health, Environment, & Development)
I202 | 26515 | VanWey

Global Environment (INTL-I202)
NOTE:  Effective August 1, 2007, the title of  INTL-I202 will change
to Health, Environment, and Development

This course provides an introduction to the study of human-
environment interactions in global perspective.  The core of the
course is the scientific study of the relationship between social or
economic change, and environmental change.  We further examine the
ways in which this science is or is not translated into public
policy.  This course will prepare students for additional coursework
on environmental social science from a variety of disciplines, but
also stand alone as an overview of key environmental issues and
their study.

The semester is divided into five sections.  The first section
covers the basic theories, approaches and general issues in the
study of human-environment relationships.  The second focuses on the
science and policy of climate change, while the third focuses on the
science and policy of land use and cover change (LUCC).  The fourth
and the fifth sections present case studies of the Brazilian Amazon
and the Pearl River Delta (including parts of China, Hong Kong and
Macau).  The course thus moves from more abstract theories to global
problems and then to concrete examples of human impacts on
environment and attempts to lessen or adapt to these impacts.