Labor Studies | Working Class Hollywood: Labor Issues in Popular American Films
L290 | 18276 | Yaudes, Cynthia

LSTU-L 290 Working Class Hollywood:  Labor Issues in Popular
American Films, Class Number 18276, 1 cr. Class meets Tuesday, 5:45-
9:15 pm, CH001, October 30, Nov 6, 13, 27, and December 4. Within
the contemporary American workplace, the push for unions, the
process of globalization, and the possibility of discrimination
based upon gender, race or sexual orientation usually define
employees’ relationships with each other, with management, and with
society at large. Such issues also shape workers’ conceptions and
interpretations of their workplace culture. This course will use
fictional film as a tool with which to examine these matters that
are fundamental to American labor. Students will view particular
popular films that address efforts to unionize, the effects of
global marketing and industrialization and the threat from gender
and sexual discrimination on the job. Class discussions will compare
these cinematic representations with the “actual” experiences of
ordinary American workers, toward recognizing the real importance of
these issues for modern labor and understanding the ways they might
be translated for entertainment purposes. Instructor: Cynthia
Yaudes, American Studies, IUB.