Latin American Studies | Quechua I
Q501 | 28376 | Tandioy

5:45 - 7p       MTWR      TBA

Instructor Francisco Tandioy is a native speaker of Inga and
doctoral student at IU

Inga is spoken in Colombia and Ecuador; it is the northernmost
dialect of the grand Quechua family of languages which has some 13
million speakers.  This class features Inga language instruction as
well as exposure to such cultural elements as --community
organization; traditional medicine; food ways; myths and legends;
music and song; arts and crafts

Samuichi inga simita iachaikuichi
Come and learn the Quechua language!!!

Note for advisors and students:
There are no pre-requisites for LTAM Q-501 however, this requires a
deep interest in the peoples, language and culture of the Andes and
adjacent lowlands of South America, and should be especially
valuable for students who already have knowledge of one of the other
languages spoken in South America.

Above course meets with Q101, L426, & L527